Does Disruptive Technology Disrupt Our Natural Passing of Life?

Let me share opinions from the Bottomsup Perspective team. Some of our research may be emotionally troubling and digital solutions evolve into the space of life-and-death.

As business owners and content creators, we embrace technology.

Technology penetrates borders. 

In the Digital World, we are users regardless of language, race, or religion. Use a fake name or a real one doesn’t bug me because I do the same.

Pretty honestly, everyone abides by the same rules.

And we are used to fake news, bad news, and lack-of-good news.

Disruptive technologies, by definition, disrupt the way we do things. 

Blockchain solves the content plagiarism problem by using a unique string of alphabets and numbers (known as hash) to identify blocks of information.

Sorry, self-proclaimed social media wizards. Ctrl C + V does not work.

Bitcoin solves the ever-growing currency pool problem. It does and it is becoming clear how we use Bitcoin will be at the use case level, use case by use case.

However, when it comes to Disruptive Technologies. The buck does not stop there. We are putting it to use to intervene with life and death. Or, actually, the better description is we attempt to.

In the episode of Genome Editing, our research found out that we can edit away cancerous cells to nip the issue at its bud. This is great progress for humanity.

We ought to celebrate it.

Yes, no doubt, we will start to add years to our life. However, longer expectancy accelerates the race to feed our population. We have to be respectful of that emerging issue.

That is the life part. What about death?

I leave our latest episode to do the talking.

In this episode, we spoke about the novel ways in handling life after death beyond culture and religion. There is one interesting point to note.

We spoke about the ability to leave our social media accounts to our offspring as legacy and family heirloom. This is what Facebook has to say:

“You can choose to either appoint a legacy contact to look after your memorialised account or have your account permanently deleted from Facebook.

If you don't choose to have your account permanently deleted, it will be memorialised if we become aware of your passing.

Memorialised accounts are a place for friends and family to gather and share memories after a person has passed away.”

This is well-intended, in my opinion. Jeremey thinks it is, as well. 

However, I made a point in our live stream, pondering over the bewilderment of future generations when they receive the legacy accounts.

How will they feel when they look into our social media account, and all they see are frivolous daily social media posts?

What has Grandpa been doing his entire life? Posting content? Getting likes?

I shudder. I cringe.

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