Life as a LifeStream’er – It Is No Joke

Do you need to be courageous? Do you need to prepare? Yes to all that and you need to be ready to sweat.

As DeeJay Durante will tell you, being a livestreamer is no joke.

We know because we are practitioners.

It takes a lot of work just to be on air for 60 minutes. Take, for instance, the following.

  • Preparation.

  • Check the list.

  • Stay in the zone.

  • Live means knowing your stuff because you need to get back to questions, real-time.

There are days where we get tired from doing this. And I am saying this from a 60-minute session a week kind of commitment.

I wonder how people who go live on a daily basis survive. Jaw massages? Perhaps.

But there is a purpose for livestreaming.

There are pockets of joy too.

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Livestreaming is Content & Profile Marketing on Steroids

“Promote, promote, promote. No one promotes me more than I do. No one promotes my work more than I do. No one promotes my brand more than I do. I wake up every morning thinking how can I promote my name further, better, faster than yesterday.”

- Grant Cardone

Like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone is everywhere.

He is on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, webinars, here, there, and where you have not.

There is one good thing I learned from what they do. These business titans market their work aggressively. And their profiles. If you are an avid believer in personal branding and content marketing, you have to show up and market.

One of the ways to do that is Livestreaming.

I have been on a livestreaming project for 2 years. The intent is to share the practicum side of digital marketing. I do the livestream for an hour a week with my chums.

There are good weeks, and there are bad weeks.

Forget about the bad weeks. In this article, I will focus on the good side of livestreaming, specifically on the following:

  • The What.

  • The Why.

  • The How.

From here, you will have an idea of whether livestreaming is the tool for your digital marketing efforts.

The What of Livestreaming 

“Live streaming technology lets you watch, create and share videos in real time, a bit like live TV. All you need to be able to live stream is an internet enabled device, like a smart phone or tablet, and a platform (such as a website or app) to live stream from. Current popular live streaming apps include Facebook Live, Instagram Live stories, Twitch TV (often used by the gaming community), House Party and Tik Tok.”

- A short guide to livestreaming

Livestreaming is like having your own television channel.

Content comes in various formats, such as text, audio, images. They are passive. Livestreaming allows for interactivity. You can respond to your viewers' comments in real-time and reply to them with a personal touch.

You can take this opportunity to respond to the comments you have received from your posts throughout the week. It is faster to talk it out than to type them out.

Livestreaming works very well for those who are eloquent. If you are quick on your feet, witty, and can respond ad-hoc to the demands of viewers and deviation from the main topic, then Livestreaming is for you.

Tip: There is no need to be excessively prepared. Viewers want to watch and listen to a natural conversation. When my mates and I deliberately prepare and structure for an episode, viewership plummets. When we aim to trash talk, viewership skyrockets. Such is life.   

The Why of Livestreaming

Because it is the last mile content accelerator.

“Live streaming is a broadcasting practice that brings audio and video of real-time happenings to viewers over the internet. Live streaming is becoming more and more popular in the professional world as it helps businesses and organizations to connect with their audience on a deeper level despite the barrier of physical location.”

- 15 Benefits of Live Streaming with a Professional Service for Business

Livestreaming brings us closer to our audience, viewers, and followers more than the other content formats.

This is because the content creator has the appeal, not the content.

We want to meet that person who can write well. We want to meet the person who posts about his cute puppy pooing and peeing in the neighborhood park on Instagram. We want to learn from the guy who can continuously show up online without any signs of content creation fatigue.

When we go on livestream, suddenly, all our content makes sense to our audience.

Because we can articulate in natural human communication why we do what we did. It makes our marketing affiliate work seamless. We can explain how our copywriting services bring results.

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