The Idea of Full-Time Remote Work is Unbelievable in 2019, and Going Mainstream in 2021.

Make that 2021 and beyond

Yes, the idea of working remoting is no longer remote.

Forget about the pandemic-driven Working-From-Home phenomenon. We have to start transiting into the Working-At-Home mindset.

“As 2021 begins to come to an end, it’s clear that the shift towards remote working will remain. Companies continue to be hesitant around bringing employees back in full-time, and employees are similarly reticent to come back to the office. Nevertheless, working remotely offers many benefits, and many trends have emerged in its wake, signaling its popularity.”

- 2021 Remote Work Trends

Remote work is a hot topic today and will continue to gain momentum beyond the current pandemic-relief mindset.

At Bottomsup Perspective, we believe there are 3 reasons to explain this.

Reason # 1 – Habits are Like Blue Cheese. They Stick.

Like smoking, running, alcohol drinking, reading, spending money, saving money.

Good or bad, they have one thing in common. These habits start with no intention of becoming a habit. Given repetition over time, they morph into one.

Remote work falls into this category as well.

Once we get used to our study desk instead of the hot desk in the office, we stay put.

Reason # 2 – Disruptive Technologies via Software is Making This a Reality   

It used to be that phones are heavy, occupy a huge chunk of working desk real estate, it rings.

Today, phones have no wires, no sound, no physical buttons.

We live with one phone operating hundreds of apps. This innovation alone accounts for the declutter of workplace tools. Steve Jobs has made Marie Kondo proud.

Productivity left the physical world for the digital world.

In the world of never-ending cutting-edge software supporting all aspects of our work, working anywhere will start to mature.

The Tools We Spoke About During the Live-Stream

If you are a solopreneur or running a small team of 4 – 5 in your business, consider using these tools to bring productivity up by 2%.

  • Slack / Teams / Skype for collaboration and communication.

  • 3rd party blogging platforms such as Medium, Vocal, Newsbreak, Buzzfeed for articulating your ideas and reaching out to a new audience.

  • 3rd party newsletter platforms such as Substack, Swapstack, Convertkit to grow your email list and stay connected with your prospects and existing customers.

  • We recommend Streamyard for concurrent live streaming into various social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin) and YouTube.

Note: Tools are tools. They serve to up our productivity half a notch. When it comes to closing high-ticket deals, we recommend face-to-face communication because it is easier to read body language.

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Reason # 3 – We Can Choose Our Preferred Zone of Focus

Do you work better in the office? At home?

It does not matter because we have a choice. Now.

Going to the office can be a trip of purpose. This can be thought of in the following ways:

  • Internal meetings of any sort.

  • Client meetings of any sort.

  • Working committees where different functional teams have to come together to work towards an organization-wide problem.

Other than that, Working-At-Home is a viable option.

When we mentioned that in this week’s live stream, Jeremey brought up the importance of speaking to different functional team members with ease when we are all present.

I am all in for that. It happens when we work in Consulting, Sales, Marketing, creative line, work involving the top-line.

We need to bounce ideas.

Other than that, we do think there is an option for everyone to exercise.


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Remote work is a hot trending topic as with Green Energy.

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