This Week is Filled with Peace and Silence

We took a break from our weekly Live Stream and it has done us a lot of good. We finally have the time to get away from each other to think.

This week, we went quiet.

It was not designed to be that way. It just happened. Kevin had a conference to attend and therefore had to forgo our show.

He is the master operator of all the backstage buttons. Without him, we cannot function.

And that is (kind of) good.

I regained an hour for myself. I used this 60 minutes to prepare this newsletter and reviewing all the video clips we deposited into YouTube.

My first response was... 


Yes, I am amazed by the repertoire of great content we produced. We did not just spit content out. We delivered content we believed in.

The Bottomsup Perspective core team did not expend any effort to game the S.E.O. game. In hindsight, maybe we should. Instead, we whack our heads, thinking of content that will provide value to our community members.

  • In this episode, we went green.

  • In this episode, we discussed what Blockchain is and how it will affect us.

  • In this dinosaur episode, we went roundtable on our upbringing.

  • We spoke about mental health WAYYY before it became a hot topic.

These are awesome memories.

Share Insights-In-Sight

At one point, I was dawdling whether we should have a specialized genre for our program. I am sure the core team discussed this topic before, and our way to march away is to have thematic months. Disruptive Innovation is an example.

Is it a mistake to cover technology, upbringing, green future in our show?

I have no idea.

But this is what I know.

I know these topics affect our daily lives. It would be really weird not to talk about them. So, to keep things simple, we covered them.

And maybe, that is how we are going to grow our audience.

It is one way out of the many.

And at this point, I would like to tap your brains.

Are there any topics that are nestling at the back of your head?

Are there are trending topics you know that everyone is talking about, and you have no clue?

Drop us a comment, and we will carve a topic on our Live Stream. How does that sound?

Leave a comment

Until then, have a great weekend.


On Behalf of the Bottomsup Perspective Team