This Week We Went Green with Envy!

We spoke with a Green Ambassador who taught us batteries. Maybe we should all learn how to recharge using our internal renewables combustion engine situated well within us.

We are excited to speak to a REAL practitioner on Going Green!

Yes, we are. That is because real practitioners are hard to find.

And our guest this week is a brilliant guy, traveling around the United States with batteries containing renewable energy, giving concerts, and showing the show that renewable energy rocks.

Without further, this is the episode.

Bottomsup Perspective is Big on Practitionership

There is every reason we stick to this belief.

Jeremey said it well during this week’s show.

We do not just entrust our lives to a doctor without a medical degree.

We run away from someone holding a dental drill with no qualification or justification that they are trained to move that equipment within our mouths with dexterity.

Therefore, there is no rhyme or reason to listen to tips from superficial choir mice in social media about Going Green.

Now, before you ding me.

Good messages have to go viral. There is no doubt about it. What I am saying here is … we need to distinguish the genuine practitioners from the choir mouse puffing out secondhand smoke.

The doers know what to do, given multiple layers of details. They come with insights to share.

Share Insights-In-Sight

The echo chambers, well, parrot what the doers say.

In the various content formats, of course.

Why Is This Important?

At Bottomsup Perspective, we believe that entrepreneurship is a practitioner’s game.

It needs to be justified, not echoed.

"Ignore the hype of the startups that you see in the press. Mostly, it’s a pack of lies. Half of these startups will be dead in a year. So, focus on building your business so you can be the one left standing." 

-Jules Pieri, Co-founder and CEO of The Grommet

The practitioner is the last man standing. No doubts about it.

This is why.

No one can echo entrepreneurship. In fact, entrepreneurs go through so much on any given day that they can tell you what works, exactly how and where, and what they learned from today’s lesson.

Call it practitioner science, if you will.

It applies to Going-Green.

Hot, trending topics invites armies of choir mice hopping onto the bandwagon, seeking to funnel attention to themselves.


On our Youtube Channel, we produce content to uncover topics that permeate all walks of life. Our community can understand what it means to be in the trenches of our interest.

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Our goal is to share our research with our community from a practitioner's standpoint.




There are many hot, trending topics of this decade.

Climate change, renewable energy, remote work, content marketing, Diversity and Inclusion, and a shitload more.

Our job is to research, discuss, and share our findings so our community can grow with us.

Do you believe in what we do?

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