Web 3.0., What is it and How Does Impact You?

The World Wide Web is evolving. Are you in the know and positioning yourself for the upcoming trend?

Web 3.0.

The new, and the most exciting up-and-coming trend. Do you know what is it and how you can ride on the upcoming wave?

Let us share our recent article on Medium about Web 3.0.

Medium Article on Web 3.0.

The internet has gone through multiple stages of evolution since 1994. 

“If the trend of change is traced from Web 1.0, a static information provider where people read websites but rarely interacted with them, to Web 2.0, an interactive and social web enabling collaboration between users, then it can be assumed that Web 3.0 will change both how websites are made and how people interact with them.”

- WhatIs.com, Web 3.0.

The above broad-brush explanation-for-dummies sets up the skeletal structure for general understanding. Now, for the context.

Imagine that Web 1.0. is like websites, if you will. We set it up, puff it up with content, and await traffic to consume the content we produce. Web 2.0. evolved to become more interactive, and it allows millions of people to create, comment, and shit on each other’s work online.

Web 3.0. will change our experience with the internet.

In short:

  • Web 1.0. – We click and type.

  • Web 2.0. – We swipe.

Forbes’s explanation points us to a world of decentralization.

“Web 3.0 will bring us a fairer internet by enabling the individual to be a sovereign. True sovereignty implies owning and being able to control who profits from one’s time and information. Web 3.0’s decentralized blockchain protocol will enable individuals to connect to an internet where they can own and be properly compensated for their time and data”

- Forbes, What is Web 3.0.

It ties the concept of decentralization with human rights, namely fair use, sovereignty, and genuine compensation based on time-per-use.

It is easy to understand Web 3.0. if you produce content. It means you are paid when you put out content for others to consume. We see this in BitClout, a third-party application running on a DeSo blockchain designed for long-form content.

Bitclout aims to decentralize social media. That means your social media account cannot be suspended by a governing authority. Donald J. Trump will love it.

Maybe, you will too.

Digital marketing will go 3-dimensional.

We are already seeing this in action. Facebook is investing its time, energy, and money into the Metaverse, a Virtual Reality environment supported by Oculus.

Our access to the internet is no longer restricted to the screen in front of us. Soon, it will be all around us.

And then, there is the Internet-of-Things.

“Tapping into sensor data enables a business’s operational awareness, which, in turn, can yield optimized operations. Learning to manage data from sensors—whether from retail stores’ camera feeds, trackers on trucks, or infusion pump sensors in hospitals—helps prepare the business for handling the volume of data, and also helps them begin to benefit from the insights they can provide.”

- Deloitte Insights, The Spatial Web and Web 3.0

Smart devices are no longer tools for us to input data to create content. They can capture content with a push of a button. Accurate computation of peak-hour footfall, monitoring utilization of occupied beds in the Intensive-Care Unit may be possible.

Data becomes actionable insights.

Terabytes of data can now be presented in visual form. That allows businesses to make sense of the complex world.

Writers may know what topics to write for at a glance because we finally have insights on the neglected genres that third-party applications will never divulge.

Kind of cool, in my opinion.

Refer to this link to read the entire article.

This is the YouTube show on Web 3.0.

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